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“I get the privilege of a front row seat in watching Adriana lead Kudos and I am constantly impressed with her integrity and compassion.  She’s in real estate because she wants to make a big difference in the lives of others.  It reflects in the way she treats everyone she meets – from homeowners to contractors and beyond.  I trust Adriana because she thinks about the other person and goes out of her way to look out for your best interest.”

– April


Kudos and Adriana were recently honored as the Inner Circle Spotlight and here is what Adriana’s coach, Patrick Judd, had to say about her:

“Adriana is a very special person who always gives more than she gets from others.  She took on the bulk of responsibilities for their business and her investment style is easygoing on the outside but business-like and tough on the inside.  She knows how to put deals together so everyone is treated fairly and still get the deal done.  She was a pleasure to coach and her professional growth over the year-plus we spent together was rewarding to watch.”

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